Datrax 202T Modem      

The Datrax 202T Modem is designed and manufactured for rugged industrial communication applications. The modem delivers cost-effective and reliable 1200 bps asynchronous solutions for point-to-point and multipoint connectivity. The Datrax 202T Modems are ideal for industrial communication applications including SCADA systems, RTUs, traffic monitor and control, and industrial automation networks. The Datrax 202T Modems support RTUs with an RS-232 serial port at speeds up to 1200 bps. The modem is designed to operate over 4-wire full-duplex or 2-wire half-duplex over unconditioned leased lines or private metallic circuits. The modem operates on 9-36VDC, making it a good choice for battery backed or solar applications.

4-Wire Full Duplex or 2-Wire Half Duplex Operation
Radio Interface
Diagnostic Lamps CD, RD, TD, RTS, and Pwr
9-36 Vdc Input
Small Size (4.9" x 2.75")
Low Cost $120.00

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