Antenna Options      

There are several antenna options available for use with the Datrax-RF Radio Modems. One option is a 3 dbi gain whip antenna. This is an omni-directional dipole antenna, also called a "rubber duck" antenna. This is a good choice for "line of sight" applications at a distance of less than 2 miles.

For longer distance applications we can supply high gain antennas. For point-to-point applications we suggest using Yagi directional antennas at each point. For applications where a master computer (radio) communicates with several remote radios, an omni-directional antenna would be placed at the master site with Yagi antennas at the remote sites pointing at the master.

The high gain antenna kits include the mounting hardware, antenna surge protector, a pig tail connector (MMCX to "N" Male), and 20 feet of WBC-400 coaxial cable with "N" Male connectors. (While 20 feet of cable come with the kit, any length of cable can be ordered at a cost of $1.05 per additional foot.)

Option Price
Datrax 707-Whip Rubber Duck Antenna $35.00
High Gain Omni Antenna Kit (6 dbi gain) $195.00
High Gain Yagi Antenna Kit (9 dbi gain) $195.00

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