Datrax 52BR2 RTU      

The Datrax 52BR2 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a complete, stand alone, remote data reporting system. Aimed primarily at test instrumentation and process control, the Datrax 52BR2 is a cost effective solution to many industrial applications. The board communicates RS-232 Serial ASCII. The simple but powerful BASIC language allows even begenning programmers to write useful programs easily and quickly. Software can be written to emulate MODBUS ASCII protocol. The unit can also be pre-programmed to match your specifications. Typical applications include pressure measurements, gas or other flow calculations, tank level and pump control as well as many others.

Input/Output Signals Features Options
Laptop computer Interface Computerized Terminal UPS Power Supply
Eight (4-20mA) Analog Input Programmable in Basic Real Time Clock with Battery RAM
Eight Digital (Status) Inputs Single Circuit Board 4-20 mA Output Card
Eight Digital (Relay Driver) Outputs Diagnostic Lamps NEMA-4 Housing
Two Pulse Count Input ... ...


The Datrax 52BR2 is programmed using the Basic programming language. It is a very powerful, yet easy to use language. It can significantly reduce the design time of many projects. The on-board EPROM programmer allows you quickly save your program and have it start automatically when power is applied to the board.

Option Price
Datrax 52BR2 RTU $895.00
UPS Power Supply $75.00
Realtime Clock $45.00
4-20 mA Output Card $120.00
12VDC to 24VDC Card $59.00
NEMA-4 Housing Call

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